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Candidate Services

You know you’re an impact player, so let The Cromwell Group help you find the opportunity that will let you shine.


We literally have hundreds of conversations with the decision makers of many companies every day. But we focus on certain industries where we can have the most impact and provide the greatest value. This means that we will be better able to guide you to the best opportunity.


We are not a job board where employers can indiscriminately sift through resumes. We are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release it unless you want us to.


We provide you with key information for your interviews including background on companies, the hiring authorities and what they are really looking for during the interview. You don’t have to do this alone.


Are you being paid what you’re worth? We know what the fair market value is and what you can expect or request.

Find out how much you would need to make in your new city to keep your current lifestyle.

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Find out how much you would need to make in your new city to keep your current lifestyle.

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Obtain in-depth reports on over 12,000 public schools districts and local child care.

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Use our Crime Lab to compare crime statistics in over 6,000 cities.

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An exclusive partnership with one expert, provides superior market coverage, allows the employer to maintain control and lends a level of cachet to the role.  The fact that the employer is retaining a specialist firm to fill its open position illustrates the significance of the role itself and the value the company sees in their new potential team member. By partnering with one retained search firm, the employer can control the message and method of the search.